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20 August 2012


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The only way to shift the direction of climate change is to shift our energy investments. The International Energy Agency projects that $9-$15 trillion will be invested in the next few decades to meet the world's growing energy demand.Thank you shearing your article..

Thanks for your comment, and I agree. Pielke's Iron Law of Climate Policy ("When policies on emissions reductions collide with policies focused on economic growth, economic growth will win out every time. Efforts to sell the public on policies that will create short-term economic discomfort cannot succeed if that discomfort is perceived to be too great.") seems politically realistic even though I disagree that this is the most sensible way forward from a rational planetary perspective. The challenge, as you suggest, is how best to incentivize major public/private investment in low/zero carbon energy technologies so as to facilitate their wide-scale deployment over the next 30 years. There is no magic bullet, just a long slog - but it will be a slow-motion disaster without this reallocation of investment resources.

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